Aquatics Physical Therapy for Back and Neck Pain in Sarasota FloridaAquatics Physical Therapy for Back and Neck Pain in Sarasota FloridaAquatics Physical Therapy for Back and Neck Pain in Sarasota Florida

Facilities at White Sands Physical Therapy & Aquatics

Our Location:

Our facility is conveniently located 4 miles From I-75: take exit 205 (Clark Rd), Go west on Clark approximately 3 miles and turn Left on Beneva Rd, head south for 1.1 miles and then turn Right onto Gulf Gate Dr, take your first left on Curtiss Ave. at the 4-way stop, go 450 feet. We are the 4th building on the left, set away from the street. Click here for Map.

  Our Therapeutic Pool:
The therapeutic pool is 20’ x 32’ and encompasses depths from 3’ to 6 ½’
The water temperature is maintained at 92°-93° F, which provides a warm & relaxing environment for a variety of exercise formats. The pool is sanitized with an ionization system which creates natural spring quality water.

Our Therapy Gym:

This is where patients receive hands on therapy.

-Patients are taught how to do rehabilitative exercises and practice these exercises.
-The equipment we use is designed to improve posture while at the same time increase strength and endurance. We do not leave our patients on machinery such as: bicycle, treadmill, etc.
- Modalities to decrease pain and facilitate healing are also done in this gym when needed.
- Each patient recieves an evaluation and their treatment is customized for them.


Our Spinal Decompression Tables:

-The VAX-D Table: VAX-D is short for Vertebral Axial Decompression.

How does VAX-D work? High intradiscal pressures cause discs to bulge out and press painfully on nerve roots. They also make for a compressed, anaerobic environment unsuitable for healing. Decompression produces and sustains negative pressures within the disc, creating a vacuum effect that draws in nutrients and fluids to promote the repair of injured discs and surrounding tissue. This vacuum has also been shown to aid in the retraction of escaped cushioning gel from herniated discs.